Harshini developer's was started on Agust 31st 2013 in khammam. Our goal is make people attain financial freedom no matter the class or standards of people(Poor,Middle class..etc). To make our dream come true we have nearly 10 ventures which are successfully started and some venture's are already filled with customer dreams & twists towards the future. Now a day's people of realestate are converting forming lands into plots and sell them.To change this methodology and to make customers will be who bought plot's will be attain financial freedom. Their childeren will have golden life/future ahead that is the will of our company "HARSHINI DEVELOPERS". Our company CMD Allika Venkateswar Rao has 20 years experience of farming.He is Experienced farmer.He also have experience in fertilizer company for 5 years.which makes him more dependable and trustworthy for protection of plants & your land. We want you to be financial stable or free.


  • Out of 190 countries only 8 countries like India,Indonesia,Malasia,..etc, where india produce 80% of total production.
  • It is used for cosmetics & Dolls and mainly its oil is used cure to 32 types of diseases.
  • 12 Years of sandlewood tree will give 40-50kg of weight.
  • 1kg of sandlewood =25,000 to 30,000/- R.S (present cost). There will be cost increase of sandle wood in future.Because, when supply is less there is more demand.

Malabar Neem:-

  • It is used for making furniture.
  • Less weight more strength wood.It has pretty much demand in market.
  • It gives 1st cutting 6th year & another cutting at 11th year.
  • One Malabar Neem tree with age 10-12 years it's cost is 10,000 to 15,000/-Rs.